The Fuelimentary Approach

Hiring a coach or dietitian is a big decision.  I believe the decision is more about hiring me and the relationship you will build with me during your transformation.  My principles rest in building knowledge and confidence while providing education and nurturing the client. The goals we set together will begin the partnership of two people communicating and providing constant feedback to ensure the goal is met.  Along the way I make the process FUN!  It’s never daunting.  It is consistent and changes with your reported progress.

Meet the RD and Coach

Jill Mongene, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist licensed in Tennessee and North Carolina.  With over 20 years of running and coaching experience, Jill has worked with individuals and large groups through participation in road races and triathlons.

In the early days, she coached over 100 women within the organization of Nashville’s Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) to walk/run the famous Tom King half marathon in 2002 and 2003. As she coached these successful business ladies, she tasked them with raising money for a 501(c)(3) and, boy, did they meet the goal in raising $100,000 TWO years in a ROW!!

You can read more about what Jill did between 2002 and 2006 here.

In 2007, she was approached by Jimmy Olander and Renee Berhman-Greiman of Diamond Rio in 2007-2009 to coach the band’s non-profit Team Rio half and full marathon group for the Country Music Marathon (now known as Nashville’s Rock N Roll Series).  During the two years she coached, she helped new runners set personal records for fundraising and road racing records!

In 2009, she stepped up and brought Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure (RFTC) to Brentwood, TN. As a runner, she realized RFTC needed to have a flat, fast, certified course if it was going to grow.  She achieved this goal, bringing competitive athletes to the venue AND growing the race into a true event after years of not knowing if Nashville’s race would continue. Today, this race continues to thrive!

Running and being social runs deep in Jill’s blood.  She strives to help others live healthy and balanced lives with her knowledge as a registered dietitian and certified coach.  She creates groups that like to have FUN (FUN might even be her middle name!) and nurture relationships all while teaching her clients how to ward off illness and disease through the use of food and exercise techniques.

Little did Jill know that the path to becoming a dietitian was being laid back in 2002, when she successfully pioneered to bring Fleet Feet Sports (now Fleet Feet) to Brentwood as the first specialty retail running store in Nashville, TN, before Nashville was the” IT” city.  Today she still works with clients in Nashville and throughout the Volunteer state.  Additionally, she has set up a second residence near Lake Norman in NC hoping to help an under served community of weekend warriors.

FUN facts about this formally educated University of TN tax accountant? 

  • Crazy knack for numbers, faces, names and intimate details of people she meets! 
  • It is guaranteed that if you meet Jill once, she is going to remember a cool fact about you and next time you see her, she is going to recall a place, time or event you two shared! 
  • Her passion for people is what keeps her going day in day out!


Next Steps…

What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to plan your goals and FUN!

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