Spring 2018
Jill was a real pleasure to work with. I was so happy when she didn't flat out tell me I couldn't have a certain thing [Voltage Mountain Dew].  ...but gave me numbers to work towards, calories, fiber, protein etc.

She let me figure out how to reach those numbers mostly on my own with suggestions here and there on things. She also seemed to be very happy that I wasn't a kicking and screaming all the way type!  LOL.
- Outpatient client, Morganton, NC

Fall 2019
If you want to give yourself a different kind of challenge... Jill Mongene was an amazing coach, I finished [a three day consecutive 50 mile or more bike ride] with my body so much more intact with her nutrition and fitness coaching!
- RunBuzz, PaceBuilders client for nutrition counseling and endurance coaching, West Bloomfield, MI

I absolutely loved Jill’s enthusiasm and the obvious way she cares about her athletes and how special she made me feel. ...she was so amazing—I can honestly say that I’ve never—as in NOT EVER—had anyone care so much about my progress than did Jill. 

One more thing about Jill—I am now a really great water drinker. This is something I’ve intellectually known for years I needed to work on but never was able to really get into it.  Jill was adamant and I owe my turning the corner on all of this fluid intake directly on her! And it’s making so so much difference in my life—I can’t even believe it!
- RunBuzz, PaceBuilders client for endurance coaching:  Two half marathons in less than six months, Houston, TX

[I am] grateful that our paths crossed this year.  Thanks to you and your referral [to a specialized health professional], I am on my way to [great health]!!
Nutrition client with food allergies who needed referral to RD specializing in diagnosis and treatment, Fort Wayne, IN