What’s your refund policy?

We do not issue refunds for services.  We make every effort to reschedule appointments in order to work with your schedule.

Do you meet in person or virtually?

We often meet clients locally from Nashville to Crossville, TN. We also meet clients from Charlotte to Morganton, NC.  For clients outside of these areas, we provide virtual web based sessions with HIPPA secure software, data collection and information gathering.

What software programs do you utilize?

For nutrition counseling, we use Healthie software for meal logging, form building, HIPPA compliance and virtual meetings.  We love MyFitnessPal and will use this often if the client prefers.

For run and triathlon coaching, we use Final Surge to build programs, provide feedback and make adjustments to training schedules.  We prefer clients have the necessary applications or devices to upload to Final Surge.


Fall 2018
In the last three years, I have had the opportunity to witness many aspects of Jill's personality, integrity and work ethic, all of which are extremely impressive.
-C.B, RD, Life & Business Coach, Eden, MN

Spring 2018
Jill was a real pleasure to work with. I was so happy when she didn't flat out tell me I couldn't have certain thing, but gave me numbers to work towards, calories, fiber, protein etc. She let me figure out how to reach those numbers mostly on my own with suggestion here and there on things. She also seemed to be very happy that I wasn't a kicking and screaming all the way type!  LOL.
- A.D., Outpatient client, Morganton, NC

Fall 2017
Professional with clients; expresses empathy to client situation and needs; resourceful and responsive to clinic needs for improved operations.  Dependable, prompt, arrived to [office] with many professional experiences in other fields which made Jill a mature intern with strong work ethic.  [She] made many contributions.
- K.P., RD, Solmaz Institute for Child Obesity, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, NC