...is an ongoing process!

Where together we:  YOU, the client, and me, the RD,

  • Work to determine your current dietary intake
  • Strive to identify areas where improvement can happen
  • All while, keeping the GOOD STUFF:  foods you love!

Step 1:

Complimentary 30 minute video consultation via my HIPPA compliant software.  I want to hear your Food Story!

  • How were you fed as a child?
  • Did your family meet at the dinner table each evening?
  • Who cooked?
  • Did you pack or buy lunches?
  • Were certain foods "forbidden"?
  • What do you crave now?
  • What is causing you stress now?

Step 2:

If you want to hire me, I will ask you to do some deep digging:  LOTS of intake forms with questions, which need to be answered honestly.

I will ask you to commit to 3 months with me.

I will ask you to up your level of fruits and vegetables...and (likely) hydration.

Step 3:

I will create a plan just for you.  This plan will factor in your lifestyle and nutrition goals.  It will also factor in your family.  After all, you cannot just feed yourself!  Children "catch" parents behaviors and if there are little ones in your home, everyone needs to be on board!


Every two weeks, we will fine tune your plan.  Whether it is a grocery list and meal plan or a "pick 3" type of spreadsheet or ________ (whatever is going to work best for you).  It will not be static.

To be successful, I will also ask you to:

  • Give me feedback on your food intake
  • Communicate with me when things get hard
  • Attend bi-monthly video calls
  • Read assigned articles or educational handouts
  • Trust the process!


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