A good coach

  • focuses on the athlete and his or her current fitness level,


  • helps the athlete meet his or her goals by being conservative in the approach,


  • is trained and experienced in helping the athlete build systems:
    • Solid nutrition/fueling techniques,
    • Mental strength,
    • Physical strength,
    • Fitness economy and efficiency.


How should you go about selection a coach?  Visit THIS page for tips to consider.

Coaching can be performed 1:1 or as a group.  To read more about Jill's experience in group training,  visit About Me. If you are looking for experience in half or full marathon or large group training, you've met your match!

Since May 2019, Jill has been coaching endurance athletes with the team at RunBuzz, a online coaching platform developed by Steve Carmichael of Columbus, Ohio.


Jill has also been featured on the RunBuzz Podcast.


  • Episode 124:  Jill Mongene, Registered Endurance Dietitian and Pacebuilder Coach

  • Epidose 126:  Our Top 5 Fueling and Nutrition Tips for Runners


1:1 Personalized Training Programs

Based on information gathered during your within your intake forms and our discussion, I will create a plan personalized for you.

Each week your plan will factor in:

  • Your fitness level
  • Your time for training
  • Your lifestyle and other commitments
  • Your distance goals and pace goals
  • Your nutrition education/endurance fueling needs

All plans include:

  • A personalized training plan in Final Surge software
    • I require all clients own electronic device (GPS watch) that records and downloads workouts,
      • Heart rate and training paces are VERY important!
      • Metrics are important feedback for the coach and athlete.
  • Unlimited support via email
  • Text messaging for those "what do I do right now" questions,
  • Perfected race strategy prior to planned events
  • Packing checklist, fueling strategy for weekend runs 1 hour or more and races!
  • One web based virtual meeting every 2 weeks with your coach

Everything you will need to head to your race or event feeling fresh and well prepared with a clear strategy and confidence from structured consistent training.

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