Running and Races

Race Strategies

What I like to call the Kicking @ss and taking names style of racing!  Train hard, have FUN!  Bring that A GAME to the road and BUST it out!!

2013 Carmel, IN Marathon 

Flat, Fast, Well Organized

Dink and Suzanne Taylor are class act race directors and people. I’m fortunate enough to also call them my friends.  Rocket City Marathon is one of the most well organized marathons in the south.  And…they make it FUN!

2009 Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL



Mach Tenn Triathlon is one of the my favorite small town triathlons outside of Nashville.  The location is Tullahoma, TN where it is quiet, low traffic, friendly but HILLY! This race is known for a fast swim and a challenging but fun bike and run. The course is on an Air Force base, so very little traffic!  The after party is why everyone comes though! Beer, great food, local friends, small venue, great competitors and awesome handmade awards. Cheap entry if you register early!

Favorite Places

Nashville, TN

Percy Warner Park is now somewhat of a protected area in Nashville.  Cars are blocked from the 3.1, 5.8 and 11.2 mile paved road areas.  These areas, in my opinion, are the best places to run in the city.  I once ran the 11.2 forward and backwards ALONE for 4 hours prior to New York Marathon 2004 and ran a personal record I’ve never come close to again.  If you’re ever in Nashville, go run Percy Warner Park.  And if you run the 11.2, stop at the 11.2 Lunford Pass and pay tribute to my coach Bob Lunsford, who made this running thing a reality for me!

Brentwood is another great area for parks and now trails.  In 2013-2014, a small group of runners convinced the city officials to open the trail system to runners at Marcella Vivrette Smith park (You are WELCOME!).  Quiet, yet challenging, with ample parking away from busy-ness of the city.

Fleet Feet – Brentwood is what I like to call “my baby.”  It started out as a crazy dream that I chased like crazy to make happen!  Today, the store is 16 years old and Fleet Feet’s new “Mom” Christi Beth Adams couldn’t be a better adoptive “mother” had I picked her myself.  So glad this little dream still lives on.



Run Clubs

East Nasty Running.  When it wasn’t popular to live or for that matter RUN in East Nashville, Mark Miller (our infamous “Mayor” of East Nashville), Chuck Hargrove and I used to run around the town. One day, we said “wouldn’t it be fun to run and then drink at 3 Crow Bar?” Now, 12 years later, East Nasty is a full fledged cult following type of running club with pace groups, parties and a board of directors!  Ever visiting Nashville?  Bring shoes, go run!

Franklin Road Runners is the BEST little free running club south of the big city.  Seth Oden and his almost 1300 closest friends will lead you around the city, back roads or to the best breakfast spot in town.  They reside on Facebook and help anyone visiting find a way to get the miles in!

North Carolina

Race Experiences

Run Time Races.  When I moved to NC, I was introduced to Kelly Stewart and his organization.  I even started volunteering with him and acting as Race Director from time to time. Kelly and his team provide a fun, safe and friendly atmosphere for participants.  His events are usually unique too – providing music, accurate timing and scenic venues.

Run Clubs

Lake Norman Moms is a Facebook group with almost 2000 members.  You can even be a mom to a furbaby to be part of this group (like me!)  Truthfully, these ladies are outgoing, fun and organized. On any given day, you can find a group to run or walk with at your pace.  They plan and they SHOW up!

Trail Sisters is another Facebook group, though just started less than a month ago, it has almost 100 members already!  Runners of all ages and abilities meet up to run what else? TRAILS!  Training, racing, mudding fun.



Did you know Garmin happens to be one of the most accurate GPS systems for movement calculation?  I mean, Garmin is the ONE most used technology for determine how to get from point A to point B even for daily travels!  Garmin’s fitness wearable devices are high quality, technical products that the company ALWAYS backs. I’ve had 5 Garmin watches since 2002, 3 of them still alive and well (Forerunner 305 (2 units) and Garmin 910xt).  In fact, I’ve had the 305 units malfunction before, contacted Garmin and they replaced them for FREE! WOW!!! What other company does that?

Another reason I love Garmin is that DC Rainmaker, fellow triathlete and runner, has an entire website devoted on reviews and how to use various devices.

Siggi’s Yogurt

As an ambassador for Siggi‘s (I am not compensated and may from time to time provide coupons to clients), I love everything that Siggi’s stands for:

  • Low added sugar
  • Natural ingredients
  • Simple flavors
  • Thick, creamy texture
  • Great taste

The triple cream reminds me of the yogurt back in the 80’s that my Mom used to stock at my childhood home.  And hey, Siggi is just one cool, TALL dude!

Yazoo Beer

Another Nashville favorite local brewer that started in East Nashville.  Living down the road from Linus and Lila, I had the opportunity to see this brand grow and grow and grow.  Today, living in North Carolina, each trip back to Nashville leads me to the search for Yazoo!  Great tasting unique flavors, affordable with cute dog picture labels.  How can you not love a beer that is local and loves Labradors?


Who loves those bright red beauties?  ME!!!   Not only are beets delicious, they are known to “boost stamina to help you exercise longer, improve blood flow, and help lower blood pressure, some research shows.  They are rich in natural chemicals called nitrates. Through a chain reaction, your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide, which helps with blood flow and blood pressure.”  Think:  eating beets improves your breathing, blood flow and CAN improve your health and your exercise!  (Source:   One of my favorite dietitians, Hope Anderson, even makes tasty foods out of beets!